Senior Coach Tours

Thinking of joining us on one of our senior's coach tours? The team at Victor Tours have put together a list of the most commonly asked questions.  If you have any further questions about traveling on Seniors Coach Tours or would like to know when the next coach tour is leaving give us a call at (08) 8552 8001

Q. How big is your coach?

A. Our coach is a 48 seat touring coach, the seats are reclinable with seat belts and footrests. We have a toilet on board also. The beauty of our coach is the windows, they are very large and give a great view of the scenery we travel through.

Q. How many steps are there to get in?

A. There are only 4 reasonably flat steps to get up into the coach, the coach is also fitted with a lowering device so it can be lowered down to make access and egress easier.

Q. Can we sit in the same seats whilst on tour?

A. On all of our coach tours we try to rotate the seating, this means that everyone gets to experience a different point of view each day and keeps it fair for everybody.

Q. Are your coach tours always full?

A. We purposefully try not to take a full coach load, whilst our coach has 48 seats we like to keep our tour numbers down to around 30-36 passengers. This makes it easier to get on and off and it gives people the opportunity to spread out a bit.

Q. I’m a single traveller, do you cater for me?

A. Yes we do, all of our pricing has a single supplement (ss) component, this is the extra price to cater for single travellers. Some people prefer to have their own room to retreat to after hours. As a single traveller you will also be guaranteed 2 seats on the coach to yourself.

Q. I’m a single traveller can you assist me to find someone to travel with?

A. Yes we can, we can’t make any promises but we are happy to make introductions should you wish to share. With your permission we’ll forward your contact details onto any prospective passengers in the same boat.

Q. I’m over 80 and I’m worried I’ll be a burden on others!

A. 80 is the new 70 we have a lot of people your age that travel with us on our senior coach tours. Our itineraries are planned so that you do not have to walk very far and if there is some walking there are options along the way for a rest.

Q. Where can I join one of your coach tours?

A. All of our senior coach tours depart from Victor Harbor, if you live locally we will provide a taxi to and from your door. We also pick up from Murray Bridge if we’re heading east. If you’re from Adelaide we can assist you to get to Victor Harbor or we offer free parking for the duration of the tour.

Q. We normally tow our caravan what is the difference going on coach tour?

A. Well for a start some else will drive and you will be surprised how much more you will see. Most of our clients at some-time or another were caravanners and they have been all over Australia. Whilst our tours visit similar places we always manage to show everyone something new and what we’ve discovered is that it’s the people on the tour that make the tour and not the destination.

Q. Is there much walking on your tours?

A. Our tours are planned so that we minimise where possible the walking required, at times we have no choice but there is always an opportunity to opt-out if you like.

Q. What is the accommodation like?

A. Our accommodation is picked very carefully and in most occasions we can guarantee a down stairs room with a walk in shower. We work very hard to get the right accommodation and if its good we often go back again. The standard of accommodation is generally 3.5 – 4.5 stars. In some of the smaller country towns that’s not possible but they more than often make up for it by giving us good ol’ fashioned country service, we have a great time.