Tuscan and Umbrian Countryside

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Have you ever dreamed of visiting Spain and Portugal? Do you want to know more about Spain’s architecture and culture? Does a trip to one of the wineries in Tuscany sound good to you? If you’re ready to turn your dream into reality, then we’ve got the trip just for you! Get ready because it’s going to be a journey filled with scrumptious food, fabulous wine, and sceneries you simply won’t forget.

Victor Tours Travel and Cruise is proud to bring you a taste of Spain and Portugal’s rich history. As you may know, these countries are renowned for their breath-taking architecture, unique culture and remarkable cuisine. Who doesn’t want to sip wine and bask under the warm Tuscany sun?

Keep on reading to know more about this unforgettable 23-day trip with us.

When in Rome

Our first stop is in Rome. We’ll get to have dinner and chat with our fellow travelers. We’re going to have the chance to enjoy a fantastic 4-course meal paired with some of the country’s finest wine in a local restaurant. Make sure to savor your meal and wine while making new friends. We’re going to be having more of these scrumptious meals in our journey through Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

How About Some Wine and Olive Oil?

The Italians are all about good wine and great olive oil. We’re going to have a guided walking tour around the charming medieval town of Umbria. In between the guided tours, we’ll have time to see the town’s shops and cafes, participate in a cooking lesson, visit a local winery to sample the region’s most prized wine and finally, learn about the locally produced olive oil. There will be plenty of wines to sip and places to see, so you might want to use your time wisely!

Walk through Time

Toledo’s declared a World Heritage Site and was the capital of medieval Spain. If you’re into medieval castles and towers, cathedrals, Moorish, Mudéjar, Gothic and Renaissance architecture then a trip to Toledo in Spain will be one of your favorite stops on this journey. Toledo boasts amazing art, culture, and architecture. A few of the places to see in Toledo are the Santa Maria La Blanca Synagogue, the Church of Santo Tome and the Burial of the Count of Orgaz. But don’t fall in love with this city just yet, we’re going to have a few more stops along our trip.

A trip to the Museum and Txikiteo, Anyone?

What trip would be complete without a trip to the museum? We’re going to visit the Guggenheim Museum, a masterpiece of 20th-century architecture designed by architect Frank Gehry in Bilbao. A trip to the museum will be followed by a bar crawl or what locals call “Txikiteo”. Don’t forget to enjoy various “Pintxos” while drinking the local cider!

The Playground of the Kings

The Portuguese Riviera obtained its name as the playground of the kings when the country’s royal family made the seaside town their residence in the 1870’s. This attracted more of Portugal’s aristocracy to live in the area and the royal families of other countries as well such as Edward VIII of the United Kingdom and Juan Carlos I of Spain. We’ll also have the chance to visit the charming village of Sintra that’s filled with royal retreats, estates, fairy tale-like castles.

These are just some of the places we’ll get to visit in our wonderful 23-day trip. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you simply don’t want to miss. Go over to http://victor.travel/ or call us at 08 8552 8001 to know more.

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